Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quick Sketch Composition

Here's some work from this week. When I do quick sketch nowadays, I try to arrange the figures into a coherent composition. In this case, I opted for pyramidal structure with a circular rhythm to guide the eye through. 

Once you get comfortable drawing figures in a 5 or 7 minute interval, it's fun to up the ante and begin composing them. It's an extremely fun way to work, since you are drawing in a timed setting and never know what the model's next pose will be. This is a also a great way to practice staging for multi-figure scenes. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

LAAFA Class Demos

We have only one more session in my long pose figure drawing class at LAAFA, so I wanted to share some demos from the past few weeks. It's been a great quarter, my students have been doing some very impressive renditions of our wonderful models.

Below is my main class demonstration, drawn directly from life over 3 sessions. Using this drawing, we discussed how to take a drawing from the initial gestural stages, all the way through delicate tonal modeling.

During the week, I worked on the subsequent anatomical breakdowns, showing students how bone and muscle interact in order to create the complex network of forms that we observe in the body.

Earlier in the term, I did this foot rendering demo, in order to show students how to manage different materials for various tasks, from gesture to modeling. In this case, the materials included 2B charcoal, Lyra Color Giant and finally Colerase pencils for the details. 

Lastly, this is my demo for LAAFA's Open House event. We had a great crowd and a phenomenal model, it was a lot of fun!