Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plein air by the sea

So, last night I spent an ungodly amount of time patiently cleaning my palette, brushes, and other painting paraphernalia, and today I ventured out into the unknown, looking for something to paint....

Ok, so my journey was actually a lot less mysterious than that, the Pier Cafe had already caught my eye since last week. In any case, I set up today at 7 am, 24 x 36 canvas in hand, hoping for the best. Below is what I had by 11 am. What I'm trying to do with this painting, is really come up with a "picture", not just a study. I'm trying to come up with a good composition, good shape design, etc. In sum, something that is beautiful and well least....that's the goal. For this I'm trying to apply all the stuff that Will exposed me to, but that I've been too hardheaded to actually get.

For inspiration, I'm looking to Levitan and Cornwell, two of my artistic gods. This should be done within two more sessions....maybe even one if the overcast weather continues....need to actually work on the lopsided building, since I mostly worked on the water today.


Christie said...

Wow, you really nailed the values and hues, especially of the water... great atmosphere to this picture. That is really impressive stuff Ramon.

Keep it coming!!

ramon said...

Thanks Christie! I wish I could show you the water in person, I was basically piling on paint with a shovel, it was really fun!

I'll post progress shots when I work on it again..and straighten out that building lol.

Kirk Shinmoto said...

nice work so far. those are some juicy waves!