Sunday, May 3, 2009

More figures

So, here are some more figures from the week. I feel like my figure drawings are finally starting to look the way I want them to, like the figure exercises of 18th century students. I've been experimenting with drawing my lay-in more intuitively and loosely, and drawing with a very light, controlled touch. I've also been trying to achieve very clear transitions between areas and delineating the planes to the best of my ability. To balance this all out though, I've been trying to be really loose and have been playing around with ink in my sketchbook, so I'm including one of those drawings as well.

During class, Will gave me a really good critique (see above) about adding accents to nail down forms and gaining increased three-dimensionality. It was pretty impressive to see the drawing start to "pop" more just with a few swift strokes. It actually made the drawing look very "Tiepolo-y", and I really like Tiepolo! With that in mind, I tried to apply his advice to my drawings of Brandt the next day in Glenn's class.

Also, a portrait of my "Drawing and Rendering for Theater" teacher, Don Llewellyn.

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