Saturday, May 16, 2009

hands and feet!

This summer, I'm determined to study hands and feet and really understand the structure, since it's not something I've devoted much time to in the past. So, here are some studies of my (barbaric looking) hands and feet, inspired by some of Durer's drawings.

I'll be doing more of these soon, and hope I'll screw up less (viz. the cramped thumb space in the left hand of the 2nd image).


Christie said...

Woahh man. Awesome work!!
You are such a diligent student... haha. Really, your studies amaze me!

Also, care to let me know about your summer plans in terms of study? I'm lining up what to study/review this summer, especially since I'm not really taking too many classes (finally!)

I'm curious to see what your priorities are (in addition to hands and feet). I think it'd be nice to get some closure and direction, by defining what we learned this past term/year and what weaknesses we should tackle next.

ramon said...

Hahah thanks Christie :) I'm not sure how diligent I am, since I feel like a lazy bastard all too often!

I'm not exactly sure of my plans for study apart from the hands and feet. Maybe study the skull some more.

I want to do a LOT of plein air painting though and tackle some longer projects, like a weeklong, 20 hour big outdoor painting. There's some really nice sites to paint in San Diego, I'm thinking one of the big fancy museums with the spanish architecture.

I want to learn to model form in paint too. I feel like I never get around to that, even though it's something that attracts me a lot. So less, one sitting painting and more process intensive stuff. I read somewhere that if you block in broadly, then let the paint dry, you can model the forms with thinner paint on top, which makes tons of sense.

I also want to do a still life in natural light, not crappy artificial light. And I'm trying to aim for more tangible work. have you checked out this guy's work?
some of it is great

Anyway, I think it'd be a good idea to debrief but I'll do that in a separate comment :)

ramon said...


This year was an interesting one, and I really like the idea of reflecting on this. Personally, I think the idea of seeing 2d shapes was immensely helpful. I used to be only concerned with 3d form, but failed to realize that 2d shape is intimately connected with this, and is key for more accurate work.

I also think I'm less dogmatic in the way I think of drawing approaches, and think more of general principles than of a particular method. I think my life drawings recently made a move in the right direction, closer to what I want at this point, in terms of rendering, anatomy, and form. I finally got the value of loosening up and of breaking things down into SIMPLE steps!

Oh and I learned how to hold a brush and it's made my life 34045004549059459 times easier :)

On the to do list are: perspective, composition, figure painting, better paint handling, greater accuracy...sigh....and a lot of other stuff.

I believe studying with Gottlieb and continuing to work with Will will help tons with a lot of that stuff, and I look forward to a productive 2009-2010 school year!

Ok, your turn!

PS. you dont have to write a novel like I did lol

How about you?