Saturday, November 29, 2008

things to come

so, I'm posting this crapperific picture of an self portrait i finished yesterday in lieu of other things that I should be posting :) At least I feel good right now because I think this might be decent enough for portfolio inclusion.

Hopefully, as courage and time become more available in my life (..i.e. when I stop being a lazy bastard) I'll post my life drawings and plein air paintings, along with a better picture of this particular painting.


Anonymous said...

Ramon, I love your work! You are so talented. Are you doing studio and plein-air work uniquely, or do you also try your hand at "off-the-cuff" painting from life? Would love to see some painting in public (unstaged) if you have it, since that is what I am into. Would love to ask you more questions - don't see work on this level too much.

ramon said...

Thanks! I just do landscapes, still lifes and figures en plein air and in the "studio" (i.e. crappy apartment) at the moment, since these paintings are mostly studies that are part of my training. Feel free to shoot any questions our way :)