Sunday, June 8, 2008


So, the Caravaggio copy is sitting tight right now, since I've been away and working on other things. I started a new still life right now, it's called "learning to paint" and the setup includes, my plastic skull, an old paint bucket, brushes, books, and coins on the same semi-reflective surface that the previous still life was placed on.

It's going ok, my placement is relatively accurate thus far, but I know it's going to take me awhile to accurately model the skull because I need to understand and express the planes as well as possible. Surprisingly, looking around vanitas still lifes and baroque/renaissance paintings, there are very few really good skulls to be seen. Most mangle the skull quite a bit, or fail to properly show how the forehead bone (supercilius?) fits into the structures at the top of the eye socket. The really good ones are by Pieter Claesz (always amazing) and Frans Hals.

Anyway, I can only work on the still life at night, so here's what I did during the day :) I think it went ok, but I got ahead of myself looking at the planes and made the sided plane too narrow in my lay-in. However, I learned a LOT about using line to emphasize the direction/fullness of form, and the bony structure. Anyway, this study didn't take that long, and I've been wanting to study Greuze more in-depth for ages so maybe I'll do more of these. BTW the hair does not even compare to the way Greuze handled it :)

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