Tuesday, June 17, 2008

greuze again!...and some film studies

It's really no wonder Glenn mentioned him in class so often, Greuze could draw! I absolutely love his skillful handling of...well....everything! But especially the way his lines feel around the form, caressing the structure of the muscles and bones underneath. Christie, I don't know if I've sent them to you already, but I have a bunch of really high res drawings of his if you want me to send them your way!

I'm taking a break from the still life today, but I made some progress on the skull and brought other parts to a greater level of finish. Anyway, to avoid feeling lazy, I decided to copy this and see what I learned :) It turned out decent I think, it's much more accurate than the previous one. I loved how Greuze shows the skull very clearly in this drawing, so I decided to draw the skull separately just for kicks :)

Also, some film studies from The Birds and Nosferatu

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