Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's cooking time!

haha yes, that's my tentative title for this painting :) This is the painting I told you about, the one I was worrying about overworking....I managed to keep some of my more painterly strokes on the pot thing, but the 3rd tomato got a little overworked....I screwed up part of the board, I got the perspective right in the under-drawing, but screwed up when painting..lesson for next time!

Anyway, this was inspired by Pieter Claesz and William Claesz Heda's still lifes, really amazing. I'm fairly satisfied with this painting, I think it shows improvement in my handling of color/value and maybe even edges, and the drawing is ok for the most part..i think I spot some wonkiness on the bottle....

anyway, starting a new one soon....although I'm almost certain this one is going to be part of my Art Center comic book deadline's been extended to June 1st!

Edit: better picture and added a detail, still a lot of lens distortion though (see bottle)